New Facebook Events App

What are you Able to do with the New Facebook Events App?

Using this new facebook events app, you can now see what your friends are interested in, what’s happening nearby as well as events being planned by Pages you like.

Facebook Events also allows you to browse events based on your personal interests or location. To prevent double booking, the app has a calendar feature and you can additionally add other calendars from Apple’s iCloud and Google. All this will have to provide you with a greater look at your day in a look.

This feature is launched in 2005, Events is one of Facebook’s oldest features. Every day, more than 100 million people use this events feature to discover things they can do with their friends.facebook events app

The actions you take on Events feature are also visible on Facebook. This makes it tremendously effortless for your friends and followers to peer planned movements or what you’re considering even supposing they don’t have the app.

Consequently, besides connecting with friends, companies can potentially use this feature to promote events or even establish appointments. But also, the fact that you can view all your events in a single place makes it easy to plan and schedule company appointments.

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