How to Link Google Adwords and Analytics

Link Google Adwords and Analytics

Why linking?

Linking a Google Analytics property to your Google AdWords account can support you to analyze user’s activity on your website after an ad impression or click. This information can make clear on how much of your website traffic or business comes through AdWords, and help you to improve your ads and website.

Linking both the accounts allows you to import Google Analytics goals and transactions, see Google Analytics data in your AdWords reports, and import Analytics remarketing audiences. You’ll also see AdWords data in your Google Analytics reports.

Before you start

To link Google Analytics and AdWords, you’ll need to use a Google Account with the following permissions to Google  AdWords and Analytics:

  1. For the Google Analytics property, you’ll need “Edit” permissions.
    • To determine your permissions, in Google Analytics, click on Admin at the top of the page, select the property you want to link, and click User Management. If you happen to don’t see “User Management” within the property column, ask your account administrator if you have got “Edit” permissions.
  2. For the AdWords account, you’ll need administrative access.
    • To determine your account access, click the gear menu (), and select Account settings. In the menu on the left, select Account access.

How to link Google AdWords and Analytics


When you link an AdWords account to Google Analytics property, someone with access to the views you chose during linking will likely be able to see your imported AdWords information. Likewise, when you opt for to import Analytics data (such as goals and transactions, metrics, or remarketing lists) into your AdWords account, anyone with access to that AdWords account will likely be able to see your imported Analytics information.

As soon as Google Analytics data (for example, goals and transactions) has been imported to AdWords, it is subject to the AdWords terms of service.


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