Google Analytics in AdWords Express

Now get your Google Analytics in AdWords Express Account.

Small companies can now see Google Analytics in AdWords Express.

Small companies who are using AdWords Express to advertise on Google can now see goal tracking data in their specific dashboards. Now they can get Google Analytics in AdWords Express Account.

Companies can set up new Google Analytics accounts, if needed, from Google AdWords Express. After setting up goal tracking in Google Analytics and linking it to the AdWords Express account, goal completion data — as well as behavior metrics like

  • New visits driven from the ad
  • Time on site
  • Average number of Page views

will show within the express dashboard.



Link your accounts

If you want to link your Analytics account and AdWords Express accounts, both the accounts need to have the same login email id. If you already have an Analytics account with the same login email id, you can link your accounts on your AdWords Express dashboard.

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