why ad extensions important?

Adwords Ad Extensions and it’s Benefits

What are Adwords Ad Extensions? Ad extensions provide additional information and allow users to act directly from the search results. During intense-rich moments, extensions give more importance to your ads and allow you to get more clicks and valuable interaction with users, such as calls, messages etc. Ad extensions make your ads more attractive, often […]

Link Google Adwords and Analytics

How to Link Google Adwords and Analytics

Link Google Adwords and Analytics Why linking? Linking a Google Analytics property to your Google AdWords account can support you to analyze user’s activity on your website after an ad impression or click. This information can make clear on how much of your website traffic or business comes through AdWords, and help you to improve your […]

Big Changes in Google Adwords

Big Changes in Google Adwords

Changes in Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads Get Double Headlines & More Characters Google eliminated right side ads from the desktop SERP in February so that you can create a extra unified Google experience across devices. Now textual content ads are about to undergo a giant alternate.With new, improved text advertisements, headlines are about to […]